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Well Completion
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ENTI's Well Completion division (PROMAX) brings years of high-profile international experience to designing comprehensive completion solutions.
Our services include wellbore architecture design, technology consulting, and downhole equipment, all of which can be tailored to each customer's requirements. ENTI delivers unmatched technology and expertise to well completion operations.

From equipment-only contracts to our all-inclusive Multistage Stimulation Completion service, our completion offerings include:

●  HPHT Wells
●  Gas Storage Completions
●  Sour Wells
●  Completions & Sand Control
●  Multistage Horizontal Completions

Multistage Horizontal Completions:

●  WHIP (Wireline Horizontal Plug & Perf) ●  CFS (Cementable Frac Sleeves)
●  CHIP (CT Horizontal Plug & Perf) ●  Cemented Initiation Toe Sleeve
●  E-Frac (Openhole Sleeve Frac) ●  Composite & Dissolvable Frac Balls

Well Completion
Equipping our customers with leading edge tools and technologies.
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