ENTI and its subsidiaries pledge to implement and practice the highest standards in Health, Safety, and Environmental procedures in all work areas, offices and job locations.  We recognize that proper HSE management is key to providing a superior experience, both for ENTI customers and personnel and have developed a dynamic HSE management program designed to foster and achieve HSE excellence.

Our commitment to excellence includes maintaining a Zero Incident workplace for our employees and conducting operations responsibly in order to protect the environment. In support of these goals, ENTI routinely provides training to all employees and conducts formal assessments of its existing policies to maintain outstanding HSE practices.

These initiatives provide the foundation for ENTI's success as a premier provider of integrated services and products to the unconventional oil and gas development market and underscore our guiding principles of innovation, execution, integrity and responsibility.

 While our company's success begins with an exceptional HSE policy and management program, is it only truly realized with the engaged participation of and strict adherence to by every member of our organization. We are committed to upholding the ENTI HSE Code of Conduct and in doing so seek to achieve our mission of "Making Unconventionals Conventional".

Excellence Pledge
Dedicated to maintaining a zero incident workplace.
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