ENTI is dedicated to the highest standards of quality, health, safety and environmental protection procedures being instituted and consistently maintained in all work areas, offices and job locations.

We recognize that QHSE management is integral to operational efficiency and assume total responsibility for carrying out the established procedures and providing suitable training to all personnel throughout the company. Training is provided on a routine basis to management, supervisors and employees at all levels to ensure that a culture of strict adherence to established procedures is maintained.

It is our policy to regularly conduct formal assessments of our QHSE procedures and evaluate their relevance to the job at hand. We consistently communicate any changes and additions to all personnel involved and encourage them to submit suggestions for ways to improve our standards.

QHSE matters are included in the agenda of all relevant management meetings and the results are communicated to all employees for the purpose of system improvement and adherence to it.

Our QHSE supervisory team partners with managers across our organization to develop specific programs tailored to meet local needs. This strategy ensures the integration of QHSE into the business regardless of the product, service and location and serves the following objectives:

Establishment of measurable goals to promote steady progress towards zero incidents and the prevention of pollution.

Line management being accountable for QHSE and the contributions of all employees and contract personnel.

Recognition by all employees and contractors that their number one priority is the safety of all and protection of the environment.
Policy Statement
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