The ENTI Excellence Management (EEM) System serves as a guide to implementing our organization's vision, values, and policies. It details best practices for assessing our Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) standards and efficacy so that we may continually deliver excellent products and services to our customers.

ENTI's HSE policy underscores our commitment to achieving excellence in all activities and the EEM System outlines the practicable application of company-wide goals and objectives in order to achieve the highest standards.

EEM System / Quality Assurance Overview
The ENTI Excellence Management (EEM) System outlines policies and procedures for addressing operational, quality and HSE events  across the entire organization. As part of the EEM System, ENTI's Quality Management System (QMS) meets ISO 9001 (2001) standards and ensures we unfailingly provide quality products and services to our customers. 

The EEM System provides:
●  Strategies for consistently delivering excellent products & services
●  Procedures for use in day-to-day management and operations
●  An organized set of practices for implementing ENTI's QHSE policies.
●  The framework for measuring the performance of: the entire organization, segments thereof, and individuals
●  Directives for compliance with local, national and international standards and requirements.
●  Methods for reviewing, assessing, and improving current policies, procedures, and performance.
Management System
Delivering superior results and the highest quality standards.
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