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Coiled Tubing
At ENTI we are proud of our ability to offer a wide range of equipment, tools and services for production enhancement operations. These include our own Coiled Tubing (CT) unit with 5,000m (16,400ft) of 2” tubing and 80,000lbs injection head, fully equipped with a complete range of auxiliary tools.
Featuring Cerberus™ simulation software and ORION™ supervisory control and data acquisition software, we are able to address CT operation variables such as weights, depths, running speeds, pressures, pump rates and CT fatigue tracking and analysis.
Additionally, we offer: descaling, acid placement, gas lift, milling, fishing, well logging/testing and perforating.

Electric Line
We perform a suite of electric line services using our own wireline trucks and high pressure control systems including: selective perforating with a safe firing system, plug and packer setting and a variety of cased hole logging and evaluation tools.
Cemented Frac System
ENTI undertook stage reservoir stimulation tool services at Tiaohuzu.
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