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The following terms & conditions apply to all visitors accessing Energy New Technologies International (“ENTI”) reserves the right to modify these terms without prior notice. To access the most current version of our terms & conditions, please visit this page regularly.
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ENTI attempts to provide accurate materials and information including, but not limited to: text, images, data, and links. ENTI does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, sufficiency or reliability of the site’s contents and is not responsible for errors, omissions, and express/implied statements. Furthermore, ENTI does not warrant the site’s accessibility or freedom from defects, and ENTI does not assume responsibility for correcting such errors or preventing the transmission of computer viruses or similar harmful components.
ENTI reserves the right to modify site’s content at any time without prior notice or reminder.
ENTI makes no recommendations, statements, warranties or recognition of any third party products, services or information included in this website.

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With the exception of third party content, ENTI owns the exclusive rights to all materials and content contained in this website and retains these rights regardless the following statement. In the absence of ENTI’s prior written consent, visitors may not: modify, copy, distribute, reprint, broadcast, link to, or otherwise transmit contents for commercial purposes. Similar non-commercial and personal use by visitors are exempted and are non-transferable.
All marks, including trademarks, wordmarks and logos displayed belong to ENTI, except as noted. Visitors many not use, license, sell, or otherwise infringe upon trade symbols or words contained herein without prior written consent from ENTI or the appropriate third party owner.

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ENTI does not guarantee that any or all products and services referenced in this website are available in your country or region. Please contact your local sales representatives or agents to learn more about the products and services available to your country or region.

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ENTI provides third party links as a convenience to our site’s visitors; not for recognition, recommendation, publicity or other advertising purposes. Visitors access third party links at their own discretion and risk.  In no way does ENTI warrant the accuracy, completeness, sufficiency and reliability of any information and data provided on these links, such as data, ideas, images, statement or suggestions.

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Protection of Personal Information
ENTI fully respects your privacy and spares no effort to protect your personal information.  In the event you voluntarily provide personal information, you acknowledge and agree ENTI retains full rights to use this information in accordance with the expressed intention(s) at the time of submission.  Such personal information may include, but is not limited to: name, gender, date of birth, country of residence, e-mail address, telephone number, mailing address and other similar information and may be used for purposes including, but not limited to registration or subscription of electronic information.  You may revoke such rights at any given time by providing written notification to ENTI.  You are responsible for maintaining any and all records relating to the protection and privacy of your personal information and its provision to ENTI.  We recommend you download and store a copy of our privacy policy.
ENTI promises not to sell, lease or otherwise disclose your personal information at any time and under any circumstances not permitted and or required by the governing authority of the State of Texas. ENTI limits its use of such acquired information in accordance with the terms and conditions herein and within the boundaries of the law.

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