Product Engineer

Job Duties:
The Product Engineer will apply engineering principles to help design and develop new products along with supporting and modifying existing products used in oil & gas industry.
  • Provide engineering support to ENTI’s Phenom Wraith dissolvable Metal Material product line;
  • Create 3D models and 2D drawing in Solidworks, CAD software;
  • Coordinate with senior engineer and company partners on material customization to conform design specification and other applications including structural, materials, corrosion resistant, process and fabrication; 
  • Perform and analyze a broad range of analysis, including FEA, CFD, heat transfer, and thermodynamics;
  • Prepare training material, operation manual, and product brochures, and provide training programs to company’s end users.
Minimum Requirements:            
Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering plus 6 month job experience in product design, fabrication and process for oil and gas industry with combined knowledge/technologies of Solidworks, CAD software, structural, thermodynamics, corrosion resistant materials and applications, and fluid analysis analytically and numerically (e.g. FEA, CFD); materials, processes, machining, fabrication.

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